10 Easy Tips To Help You In Your Small Business Online Marketing

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Online marketing is one of the most effective and cost efficient ways to advertise your small business and generate new clients. While online marketing might seem like a daunting challenge, it is an easily implementable strategy that can lead to massive payoffs in terms of advertising and broadening your customer base. The following steps are all it takes to create a strong online marketing presence for your small business.

1. The key to a successful online marketing plan for your small business is to create a solid and authoritative website. Clearly explain who you are as a company, including your mission statement and a full listing of your products and services. If your company has a physical location, include a link to an online map service so that potential customers can easily find you. Also include links to industry certifications and ratings that are pertinent to your business.

2. Create a dedicated landing page for your website. A landing page highlights certain features of your business that are linked specifically to the keywords an online searcher types in. For instance, you may sell fabrics. A customer looking online for worsted wool could be directed towards a landing page dedicated to worsted wool that links back to the parent website for your fabric company.

3. Register your company on search engines such as Google or Bing, making sure you do research into relevant keywords for your business. The way these search engines operate is by allowing the website owner to bid for a set of keywords that, when entered in the search engine, will lead to their website. Ensure that the keywords you choose to bid on are targeted towards the specific products and services you provide.

4. Dedicate space on your website to a newsletter outlining recent trends or changes in your industry and any changes in the services you provide.

5. Feature a mailing list option on your website and set up an automated system that sends scheduled emails to the list once every two weeks or so, with information and promotions.

6. Use your website to offer customers special deals on your services.

7. Use social media websites to your advantage. Start a Facebook page for your company, using your established customers as a platform from which to reach new potential customers. Use the page to highlight promotions and offers and discuss your range of products and services.

8. Use blogs to heighten awareness of your company and its services. Create a blog yourself and link it to your website or invite established industry bloggers and rating websites to review your company.

9. Allow visitors to your website to leave comments about your products and services — use these suggestions to understand the needs of your market and adapt your products, services, and online marketing techniques to meet those needs.

10. There is a current trend towards supporting local small business ventures, so use your website to advertise community events and your contribution to them, thereby creating a local following for your small business.